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Cynikal Racing was founded in 2017 by Cynikal Co-Founders Will Schaule and Justin Hasty. During a hiatus from the Cynikal brand Will and Justin got into competitively racing RC cars and wanted to bring the brand into the sport. How was that going to be done? We started off with making shirts for ourselves to wear to the track with a Team Associated inspired Team Cynical Racing Logo.  

As the guys got more involved with the sport it did not seem that there were any other clothing line players in the RC Community. In 2018 a revision was made to the logo and a brand was created. 

In late 2018 the Cynikal brand started a race team with local phenom Cody Bell announced as the first team member. In 2019 a race team was assembled with Cody as the Team Manager. 

2020 The team and the world was halted by Coronavirus. Hoping 2021 is a better year and we will be looking to extend the Cynikal Race Team and the brand as a whole. Stay tuned....

Cynical Racing Logo V.1.png
Cody Bell Intro.jpg
Cynical Race Team 2019.jpg
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